At HK|LA we believe that client education is the key to a successful project.  We know that empathy is the conduit to great design and is the critical driving force for which we work with.  We understand that without a deep understanding of the end user and the reality in which a design will be used, any decision made is a shot in the dark. To fill a real need, design must be rooted in reality.

Every problem presents its own unique set of characteristics, as such there is no one-size-fits-all process for coming to the best solution. The art of design is about having a diverse set of tools and approaches, and determining when to apply each.  Additionally, for something to be “well designed” it could be simple, or it could be complex.  We firmly believe that each client deserves the time, attention, and detail from project start to project finish regardless of project size or budget.

Lastly, a design should create moments of delight for the people who encounter it. There is no steadfast rule as to what is delightful. Delight can come in different forms for different people, this is where empathy and education comes in, but most likely it is a mix of form, function and value that creates that often intangible emotional connection to a well designed thing.